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“Thoughts occur, therefore thinkers exist.”
-ID-9000 (Philco)
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The Identity Mode is aligned to the self-discovery and self-expression needs of young leaders who are ready to explore decision-making models and examples of greatness, and make personal connections to a variety of real-world themes. Here students explore inter- and intra-personal problems, considering them in the context of what it means to be a reflective leader. Students listen, perceive, empathize, embody, persuade, motivate, plan, and instruct. Their goal: to develop unique personal voices and leadership skills.

Key Concepts: Leadership; Psychology; Social Cognition; Learning; Development; Aging; Communication; Motivation; Distortion; Tolerance; Success and failure; Mood; Stress

Key Skills: Make person connections; Improve decision making skills; Explore examples of greatness; Develop leadership skills; Create a unique personal voice; Contemplate and Internalize; Reflect and Meta-cognate; Listen and Perceive; Empathize and Believe; Acclimatize and Embody; Persuading and Motivating