Inventive Thinking

Think…like a Designer

Avatar of an Inventor
“Let’s make something new.”
-Mother Necessity
Origin Unknown

The Invention Mode is an experience crafted for creative thinkers—natural designers who tend to envision the new by challenging assumptions. Targeting the invention process, students explore what it means to be a designer. Students shift perspectives, envision details and patterns, brainstorm, play and improvise, and juxtapose and reframe, all in an attempt to reform the old by imagining the new.

Key Themes: Creativity and Flow; Inspiration; Innovation; Aesthetics; Visualization; Narrative; Discordance; Incubation; Curiosity; Impact; Censorship; Motif

Key Skills: Experience creative flow; Envision the new and reform the old; Explore divergent relationships; Risk by challenging assumptions; Communicate an innovative vision; Envision Details and Patterns; Reverse and Scale Problems; Brain Storm and Web; Play and Improvise; Juxtapose and Reframe; Shift Perspectives