Thinking Leagues

At "the Center" our curriculum focuses on helping students develop professional "identities" rather than just improving their reading, writing, and computation skills. Coursework is designed to promote critical thinking from the perspective of real-world problem-solvers in a professional reasoning model, called “Thinking Leagues” in which students are challenged to process information and solve problems the way a professional would in a given field.

Thinking Leagues divides professional reasoning into five distinct areas of expertise.


In Systems, students are challenged to think like an engineer or technician.  Using skills like encoding, formulating and equating.

Investigation cultivates journalist and investigator skills.

Invention calls upon artist and developer skills like envisioning, adapting and creating.

Historians like curators, linguists and diplomats interpret, instruct and translate information

In Identity, challenge is to reason like an activist, teachers and other leaders, using self-control, empathy, responsibility and inclusion.

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