Pathways to Expertise

Supporting Wisconsin's Schools, Families, and Thinkers in their Quest to Recognize Talent and Embrace Challenge

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The Center for Advanced Academics celebrates the talent in all Wisconsin schools.  Our mission is to help schools and families identify and challenge student talent areas. This is a big task that begins in each classroom when strong differentiated practices like flexible and/or ability grouping, curriculum compacting, and tiered lessons, create a more personalized learning experience.

We also know that cultivating student talent requires collaboration between districts, schools, community groups, and families. When students are ready for the next level of challenge (RtI Tier II and III advanced learning interventions), we employ the Center for Talent Development Pathways approach to developing expertise. We invite thinkers to choose learning communities that match their talents and develop an understanding of what expertise looks like in the selected field. Once a thinker is identified as needing the next level of challenge, We offer programming meant to inspire emergent talent, challenge above grade level thinkers, and build student expertise.

Advanced Academic Programs have different attributes.  Understanding the attributes can help you find the program that best suits your individual learning needs.

Statewide Statewide Statewide programs service students from around Wisconsin.
Guardian with Child Individual
Parents or Guardians can individually register their children for these programs.
Educator with Students Educator
Educators register selected students for these programs.


Students registered in these programs receive an accelerated curricular experience that focuses on student talent areas. In these programs, students collaborate with like-minded peers to create products that reach beyond grade-level expectations, and mirror the products of professionals in a selected field. 

 Grades 5 - 8 Statewide Guardian with Child  

Project A "MISSIONS"

Project A Logo
A Community Passionate about YOUR Interests 
Focus on project creation and management.
Tier Two, extension curriculum with 20 hours of online instruction.
Students spend four to five hours per week completing activities.
Cost: Schools & Families ($125)
Scholarships Available to WI Schools & Families


Ages 3 - 16 Statewide Educator with Students  

Smart Spaces "CAMPAIGNS"

Smart Spaces Logo
Ramps Up Challenge Over a Semester with Three Courses
5th-7th Graders Start 2nd Semester, Continue 1st Semester of Next Year
School, Family, and Community Capacity Built Around Students
Grant-Support in Milwaukee, Green Bay, and Some CESA 5 Schools
Cost: Schools & Parents ($500)



Statewide Educator with Students   Online Academy "CHALLENGES"


In-Depth Challenges Focused on Cross-Curricular Problems
Rigorous reading and research requirements

Tier Three, replacement curriculum
90 hours of instruction including three face-to-face meetings

Students spend seven to ten hours per week completing activities
Cost: Members ($235), Schools & Parents ($250)
Scholarships Available to WI Schools & Families


Other Programs Highlighting Competency Include...

The Center for Talent Development (CTD) Weekend Enrichment Program

The Center for Talent Development (CTD) Civic Week

The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) Young Students Summer Program

The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) Summer Transitional Enrichment Program

The Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) Accelerated Learning Program