Student at Browning Elementary

An adaptive, online math program that
uses artificial intelligence and open
response questioning to identify precisely
what each student knows and doesn’t
know. Individualized learning and
assessment delivers a personalized
learning path on the exact topics each
student is most ready to learn.. 








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Students with Laptops at La Causa

Developed at New York University, ALEKS (Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces) is entirely web-based. It is a one-on-one learning system that uses artificial intelligence to map whether a student is grasping and retaining subject matter based on an interactive assessment system. When the AI determines that a student is ready to advance, the student is given a choice of topics that he or she is ready to learn based on previous performance. 

MPS uses the ALEKS system to provide advanced placement for high-achieving math students who require accelerated placement in mathematics.

Assessment Structure

  • ALEKS assesses each student at the beginning of each course to determine course knowledge.
  • These assessments are about twenty to thirty questions long and focus primarily on student content knowledge of that section.
  • At the end of each lesson, the student is assessed again to ascertain if the course content has been learned.
  • ALEKS re-assesses topic knowledge from time to time to determine if content knowledge has been retained.




•  AI Driven Math Instruction

•  Assessment-based

•  Accelerated Placement

•  Students move at their own pace